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1. General information on the scope of application

The general terms and conditions apply to the course participation in Bikram Yoga Zug, all contracts and subscriptions, as well as the general use of the premises of Bikram Yoga Zug - Hünenberg / ZG.


2. Membership and benefits

Bikram Yoga Zug offers various Yoga / Pilates and subscription packages that are subject to current conditions. All subscription offers are subject to the currently valid rates and times. The subscription is personal and cannot be transferred to another person. Bikram Yoga Zug reserves the right to make checks in this regard. Any violation will result in the subscription holder and the unauthorized third party being banned from the house. In such a case there is no right to a refund of the amount paid.


3. Opening hours

Bikram Yoga Train is generally open Monday through Sunday, except for certain holidays. The detailed opening hours can be found in the applicable timetables. In the event of total closures of a maximum of 3 weeks per year (unforeseen events), the annual subscription holder is not entitled to a refund. Bikram Yoga Zug reserves the right to adjust and change the opening hours.


4. Data storage

The subscription holder acknowledges that his personal details and entry times are stored electronically. This data is available to him for reimbursement of health insurance contributions or receipts and cannot be viewed by third parties.


5. Liability

Entering and using the facilities of the Bikram Yoga Zug studio is at your own risk. A medical examination before purchasing a subscription is recommended for people who have not done any sport for a long time, have health problems or have suffered from a serious illness in recent years. Bikram Yoga Zug and its staff are not liable for any damage caused by injuries. Bikram Yoga Zug does not accept liability for theft, damage, or broken/deposited items. Insurance in this respect is the responsibility of the course participant. This also applies to the lockable valuables compartments provided by Bikram Yoga Zug free of charge.


6. Hygiene

It is very important to us to turn the Bikram Yoga Zug studio into an oasis of well-being. You should not only feel safe and comfortable here, but also be able to rely on cleanliness and hygiene. This is guaranteed by thorough and daily cleaning. Accordingly, our course participants are obliged to keep the classrooms clean, not to enter with shoes on, to take them off at the entrance of the studio and to use the shelves provided for this purpose. The use of a large bath towel as a sweat pad is obligatory. Course participants who do not comply with these requirements will be excluded from the course.


7. Company regulations

All visitors agree to follow the instructions of the Bikram Yoga Zug staff and to follow the currently valid Yoga etiquette. Gross violations of non-compliance and repeated breaches of the applicable rules will result in a ban from the premises. In this case there is no right to a refund.


8. Reimbursement of amounts

The non-use of subscriptions generally does not entitle to a reduction or reclaim of the subscription and course fees. An early withdrawal from the contract is only possible for one of the following reasons:

- Chronic disease

- Accident and invalidity

(medical proof in written form must be submitted).

Decisions about the occurrence of such cases are reserved for the management of the Bikram Yoga Train.


9. Handling fees

The processing of special requests, such as subscription conversion or refunds, are subject to a fee and cost at least CHF 50 per processing.


10. Amendments

Bikram Yoga Zug management reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions, offers, opening hours, terms and conditions, rules and Yoga etiquette. These will be brought to the attention of the course participant and subscription holder in an appropriate form. They do not entitle to a refund of course or subscription fees.


11. Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction of Bikram Yoga Zug is the Canton of Zug.


Bikram Yoga Train

Bösch 106

6331 Hünenberg

Tel: +41 41 788 06 00

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