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Recently, the media has published several reports about Bikram Choudhury that put him in a bad light. There are some allegations of abuse and inappropriate behaviour that are currently under investigation. We trust that the allegations will be carefully examined by the relevant authorities in America and that a full investigation will take place.


During our training with Bikram Choudhury we got to know him personally and were allowed to learn a very professional, well-founded Hot Yoga training based on original classical Ha-Tha Yoga. We never noticed anything that would have called his integrity into question.


Nevertheless, we clearly distance ourselves in the strongest possible terms from such intolerable human behaviour and any form of abuse of power that attempts to violate or exploit the privacy of other people and transgress borders.


Even though these reports and accusations of abuse and dubious treatment of employees and students are in circulation and we do not accept such behavior, we would like to point out that we deliberately call our studio Bikram Yoga, because the name Bikram illustrates the flow of this unique Yoga practice and is therefore clearly different from other hot Yoga practices. Bikram Choudhury is not only the inventor of his Yoga series, but also of Hot Yoga in general.


We are 100% behind the Bikram Yoga practice and its proven track record of success inspiring people around the world. Bikram Yoga is a brilliant invention and helps many people improve and maintain their quality of life, mobility and health. 


It is very important to us that everyone in our studio is treated seriously, professionally and decently and we strive to create a pleasant atmosphere in which students and teachers feel comfortable and their privacy is protected.

For this reason the entrance doors are locked during the lessons. This gives us additional security that no unauthorized persons can enter our Yoga and changing rooms and steal our belongings.


We wish all participants and teachers an eventful and valuable time in our studio and look forward to accompanying you on your way to more well-being and health for Body, Mind and Spirit.




Antonella Milone & Team

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