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What is Business Hatha Yoga?

Business Hatha Yoga is practiced at a room temperature of 30°C to 35°C. The warmth helps you get a better stretch and makes the muscles more supple. The poses are based on classic Hatha Yoga exercises that strengthen your muscles and promote flexibility in the hips and back. A session lasts 60 minutes and fits perfectly into a lunch break.

We start our Business Hatha Yoga session with a breathing exercise and warm up with a classic sun salutation. The hour will fly by and afterward, you'll feel mentally and physically much better. You'll return to your daily routine stronger, with a touch of serenity and a contribution to your health. Our Business Hatha Yoga session is suitable for everyone; both beginners and long-term practitioners.


What are the benefits of Business Hatha Yoga?

Business Yoga is a yoga practice tailored to daily life, addressing the physical and mental demands of professional life. These classic Hatha Yoga exercises reduce stress, improve posture, and enhance concentration. Switching off during lunch and experiencing 60 minutes of intense Hatha Yoga boosts your productivity and well-being, with noticeable effects:

  • Stress Reduction: Helps reduce work-related stress and tension through targeted breathing exercises and short breaks between poses.

  • Posture: Focuses on exercises to counteract typical posture problems caused by prolonged sitting or frequently bent-over tasks. Specifically strengthening weakened muscles and stretching "shortened" ones.

  • Mental Clarity: Emphasis on breathing and body exercises boosts concentration and mental strength.

  • Flexibility: Stretching exercises enhance your body's mobility and can prevent injuries in the back and joints. Overall, it improves your physical well-being.

  • Promotes Health: Can help reduce work-related ailments such as back pain or headaches. Strengthens and stabilizes the immune system.

  • Boosted Productivity: Improved well-being and reduced stress can make you work more effectively and with more motivation.


What should you bring?

A yoga mat, a yoga towel, and something to drink (preferably just water). Since the room is slightly heated, we recommend wearing light and breathable sportswear. We practice barefoot, and the entire studio is a barefoot zone.

After the session, you have the opportunity to shower in the studio. Hairdryers and body soap are available. Yoga mats, yoga towels, and terry towels can also be rented or purchased. Our boutique offers sportswear, and chilled beverages are available for purchase. Coffee and tea are complimentary.

Why not bring your colleagues along? It promotes team building and collaboration.

Currently, we conduct our Business Hatha Yoga sessions every Thursday over lunchtime: see the schedule.

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